Austin’s Bus To-Do List

Once the bus is back in Houston I’ll have about 4 months to make it pretty. Our next goal is to have it pretty looking and somewhat nice to camp in by Memorial Day weekend. Every Memorial Day weekend we go up to Oklahoma for my wife’s family reunion. This year we’ll be taking our bus. We bought the bus the weekend after Memorial Day 2015, so I guess that’ll be our one year bus-iversary.
Here’s a preliminary list of the things we need to complete before then:

-Seal windows (I’ve got leaks and now is the best time to fix them)

-Fresh water tank/pump/12V electrical (we can’t camp at that campground Memorial Day weekend without fresh water tanks and a pump. They don’t allow you to stay hooked up to their water for any longer than the time it takes to fill up your fresh water tank)

-Black/gray tanks (I can’t keep using this portable thing forever)

-Finish insulation and wall paneling (since I haven’t actually done much paneling so far, I may be able to go back and take out most of the interior sheet metal and insulate better)

-Finish up electrical and install lighting (right now I’ve only got one circuit connected to the 120V system and no lighting. we’ve got some nice 120V mason jar lights we’re gonna make. I also think I need to contemplate some 12V auxiliary lighting for when we’re not connected to AC power)

-Finish out shower stall (right now it’s just plastic shower curtains taped up. I think we’re gonna go with some sort of corrugated metal design for the shower stall. We also need to come up with a better way to hang the shower curtain)

-Bathroom door (I keep saying I’ll get around to it)

-Vinyl flooring (I’ve gotten several splinters in my feet from the OSB floor this hunting season. Also, my wife wants it to look pretty and she doesn’t like the OSB floor)

-Counter top for bathroom sink (the current counter top is also OSB)

-Finish out dining area (my wife is getting excited about the table top and cushions she gets to make look pretty)

-Safely anchor my wife’s passenger seat and seat belt

-Build cabinets/storage areas under the bathroom sink, under the bed, under the dining area, and under my wife’s passenger seating area

-Make curtains for the windows

-Body work/prep/paint the exterior of the bus

-Paint/trim for the interior of the bus

-If there’s time left, contemplate the kitchen area (I’d like to at least have a fridge and a place to put the coffee pot, but a stove/oven/microwave would be nice too)

I’m sure there are plenty of other things that belong on this list. Progress has been slow these past ten weeks because of hunting season and the 5 hour drive I had to make to work on the bus. Hopefully work will pick up again once I’ve got the bus back home


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