Travel Tuesday- Jackson Lake Island 

When my husband and I first started dating it became woefully apparent to him that I was hopelessly out of date when it came to movies. As he listed off his favorite movies I inevitably had not seen it. In those early days we watched one of his favorites, Big Fish. And by watch I mean he watched and I fell asleep somewhere towards the beginning. Nothing against the movie; I just need theatre seats, popcorn, and an Icee to watch a new movie. Regardless of our rocky beginnings, I knew this was a favorite of Austin’s. Awhile back I ran across one of those random articles that shows cool places you could visit. Imagine my surprise when I saw that you can visit The Town of Spectre, the movie set! And it was actually on an island in Alabama! When we lived in Texas this seems like quite the trek, but once we moved to Mississippi it was more plausible. After following Jackson Lake Island on Facebook (link), I found that you not only can visit; but you can camp there too! And there the idea was born… Betty would be making a trip to Millbrook, Alabama. And let me tell you, it was magical. Take my shoes Spectre, I never wanted to leave! ​
The Camping 
This isn’t your traditional campground. We would hazard to say this wasn’t the original plan, but it is growing nicely. They don’t take reservations, but we did let them know we were coming and bringing a bus. They have a limited number of hook ups, but we lucked out with an electric only spot on the water. They have a nice, new bath/restroom house that Bobby cut a path to for us. Bobby went out of his way to make sure we had the hookups we needed, toured my husband around the island, and checked on us daily. They have a few RV spots, and some primitive spots for tent campers or boondockers. 

The number one attraction here is obviously the movie set. They have a good number of the set buildings from Spectre still up, a sign, the hanging shoes, and the two big set trees. Away from there they also have where Jenny’s house used to stand. Nature has caused it to go away, but it still has the columns and a sign explaining the spot. This place is also perfect for fishing, boating, and enjoying nature. I read an entire book in the peaceful setting on the island. 

We got some rain in Sunday morning. It worked out well because we cooked breakfast and watched Big Fish on the iPad to pass the storm. 

Meals Trips & Tricks 
The main meal we did up right was breakfast. 
On the first day we relied on an old favorite, sausage and potato hash with scrambled eggs. Honestly this is one of my favorites. Basically you cook up a pound of breakfast sausage in your electric skillet. I throw in some butter and add frozen potatoes. You tend to it for awhile, adding butter as needed for the “fry” feel and seasoning. Once you can just about done, throw on some cheese and let it melt. Talk about filling and perfect for a day full of adventure. 

Our second breakfast was a little more adventurous. Started with a good ole pack of bacon and then disaster struck. I didn’t have oil for the waffle mix. But we did have bacon grease! Into the mix it went and it was perfect! Didn’t taste bacon and the waffles cooked perfectly. This will be my go to in order to avoid packing another ingredient for trips. 

Our clear winner was a BuzzFeed find… TATOR TOT WAFFLES! What?! Yes… we cooked tots in a waffle iron and I was in love. Crispy and delicious. One of the best meals in a long time out at the camp site. Heart eyes for days here 😍😍

Local Attractions 
Off the island you are really close to Montgomery. If you are there during baseball season, do yourself a favor and go see the Montgomery Biscuits. They are a minor league team, but man are the games fun! Modestly priced seats and honestly the best souvenirs around. 

Final Thoughts 
This island is magical. I can see why they filmed the movie there and I feel like I left part of my heart there. Bobby runs the place and I have decided he is one of the most interesting men alive. You’ll have to find out why for yourself. Go here. Stay here. Watch the movie here. Pass the time in this little corner of the world, I promise you won’t be disappointed.  


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