Travel Tuesday- Sea Rim State Park [Sabine Pass, Texas]

The adventure of #BettyTheBus doesn’t end with the renovation, in fact that was just the first leg of our journey.


I think the best part of this adventure is the excuse and desire to GO. In our day and age it is easy to focus on work and let our freedom take a backseat.  Having a beautiful, functional, and personalized RV has given Austin and I a whole new appreciation for adventures. As we travel I will review the places to go and give some insight as to what you can do!



Sea Rim State Park- Where marsh grasses meet the surf!

Sabine Pass, Texas


The Camping

This park has 15 camping spots (plug in and water) and some primitive beach camping. I really enjoyed how spaced out the sites were. The campsites have marshes surrounding them, so come prepared with bug spray!

Betty parked at our camping spot!

This park is known for their beach. As with the gulf coast it was a little on the brown side, but it was still nice! There are 3 sections of beach; 2 on each end that can be driven on and a middle section that is only available by walking by bridge over the swamp area. We spent our time on the middle beach and it was wonderful! Not many people and fairly clean. We brought chairs, a pop-up tent, and food/drinks. Perfect setup for a beach day. Austin and I gave the beach a try at dusk on our last evening and it was pretty awesome! No need for a tent and super peaceful.

The beach at sunset
We spent an entire day crabbing at the beach. It was as simple as 2 broom sticks, string, turkey necks, and a net. We caught enough to make stew and boil a few. Make sure you understand the law as far as the correct size they have to be to keep or release back.

Austin checking the size of a crab he caught. 
If any of you are like me, it’s not a vacation if you don’t read an entire book. I grabbed Elin Hildebrand’s newest summer read on the way out and it was excellent! Honestly, reading a beach book on the beach is really the best. I highly recommend anything by Elin… She does an excellent summer book.

Confession: I read this entire book here!
The ranger office has fishing poles you can use to fish from shore. If you are fishing in a state park (not from a boat), you don’t need a fishing license. Take advantage of this classic beach pastime. Austin tried his hand at fishing, but we were more focused on crabbing when we were there.


One other park activity that we will be taking advantage of next time we visit are the kayaks and canoes they have to rent. They have paddling trails in this park and they looked like a lot of fun. Since we were there in June and weren’t quite ready for Texas heat we skipped this, but we will definitely hit it up when we come in a cooler month.

 Meal Tips & Tricks


When camping it is easy to stick to the tried and true camping dishes… We did those and a few others. This is where I’ll share what we ate that worked.

Spaghetti & Meat Sauce Pro Tip: Make your homemade meat sauce before hand and just make the pasta fresh at the site.

Beach Sandwich Pro Tip: Skip the regular loaf bread! Do yourself a favor and get a loaf of bread cut at your bakery… This keeps your sandwiches from feeling “gummy” like a school packed lunch.

Skillet Rice: Don’t have a stove top? No worries! Don’t want to turn on the oven inside when it’s already 80 degrees in there? Go outside! We made crab stew and then cooked our rice in one of those plug-in electric skillets… All outside in the shade.

Breakfast Favorite: On a whim I had Austin brown our breakfast sausage and then add the frozen potatoes we brought. He wasn’t 100% sure at first, but this will definitely be a camping favorite for our electric skillet. I will most likely pre-cook the sausage next time to make breakfast quicker so we can hit the beach earlier.

Outdoor meal cooking is the best! We caught the crabs here and brought our own H-E-B shrimp. 
Local Attractions

While here we didn’t actually plan to go do anything. We were there to camp, hang at the beach, and that was it. We decided we wanted to eat some local food, so I ask my Aunt where to go. They used to live in one of the neighboring towns, and BOYYYY was that a good idea! She directed us to Sartin’s Seafood in Nederland. This was a 30-ish minute drive each way, but it was so worth it!

Awesome meal selection. BBQ crab, inside of their crab balls, shrimp po boy, and their crab cake burger
Austin is a little bit of an engineering nerd, so we spent some time sightseeing all the different boats and platforms.


There are also a few battleground areas in Sabine Pass to get a taste of history.


Final Thoughts

This was an awesome little vacation for us. Our positive experience has given us a new appreciation for the various State Parks that the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department have for us to visit across the state. This is a park will visit again and so should you! (Except not all of you… I want a few spots open for us to go to)


Thanks for following the adventure,



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