Covering those windows [Ashley]

One of the most distinct features of our Skoolie is that all of our windows are still intact… Yes, even the ones in the bathroom. This poses a few problems, most obviously that we would lack privacy. Depending on the time of year, insulation is also another concern. 
Most Skoolie conversions include getting rid of most windows or altering the Windows to avoid these problems. I did not want to do this. Not because we are lazy, but because I had serious dreams of what our windows could me. I imagined sunshine streaming through white eyelet curtains and a light breeze blowing through them. There is something peaceful about that mental image and I knew that what exactly what I wanted. 

Let’s get real… We live in Texas. It gets HOT here and where we hunt it gets COLD. There was no way some breezy little curtain was going to compete with the elements, so off to research I went. My husband showed me all sorts of things we could do to fix this problem, including window tint and some space-age looking fabric. I wasn’t having it. Not quite my style. So I fell back onto an old hobby and some crafting sense. Which I how we ended up with what I call “Window Quilts.” It is exactly what ir sounds like- miniature quilts sewed for the Windows that have magnets to keep them in place. Easy to put up when the weather calls for it, take down when the weather is nice, and throw in the wash when needed. To date we have made one, but it is on my long to-do list to complete Miss Betty. 
Now what about those mystical white curtains? Where do they come from? How do you hang them in a bus? Why are those so many ways to hang curtains? Where do we start?!?

I started in Pinterest and fell in love with galvanized pipe for our curtain rods. And decided I HAD TO do it. Which led to another question. How do you hang curtains on a rod that is permanently attached to a wall? And why do all those solutions cost so much money? It’s cool, I figured a way around both… BINDER RINGS! Yes, those metal rings you used to put index cards together with in high school. They are wicked cheap and easy to find in bulk. 

The curtains themselves I sewed out of white eyelet fabric from Hobby Lobby. I created my own little system to cut each one at a yard increment and went from there. I hemmed 3 of the edges and then added grommets at the top. The grommets HURT SO BAD to put in, but the effect was so worth it. 
I installed galvanized pipes and the curtains for this overall look. I love the way it turned out. We have a few curtains that are hung with magnets where curtain rods aren’t feasible. 
I have a few thank yous for these projects. First and foremost, thank you to my Grandma Larkin and Aunt Darlene. These two ladies took the time to teach me to sew and somehow all these years later, it has stuck. Thanks to Carla for the use of a super awesome sewing machine. Thanks to Joanna for always answering my random sewing and fabric questions, and helping to celebrate my little successes. And thanks to my dad for showing me how to grommet!


2 thoughts on “Covering those windows [Ashley]

  1. I love this! Those are exactly the reasons we’re not covering our windows either! I wanted white curtains and tons of sunlight. Absolutely dreamy. And excellent idea about window quilts! I’m concerned about colder temps, too. Insulating on top of putting in our wood burning stove would be wise!


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