A very #BettyTheBus Christmas [Ashley]

Hello dear friends! In true form of the holiday seasons, I’d like to take a moment to share our new goodies with you guys! We have a very bus-themed Christmas to help out the progress of Betty…Austin and I are so very lucky to have so many people in our lives that support our bus project and us. 

Here are some of the goodies we got… Can’t wait to put them to good use! 

Bless the hearts of my dad and Austin’s dad… We’ve been using their tools for most of this project. This holiday we got a good amount of tools and accessories to make big strides in the form of tool peace. All of these are Austin’s new babies. Pictured is a nice socket set; a toolbox with assorted tools; the start of a Ryobi power tool kit- with power screwdrivers, fan, and light; and a set for turning a 5 gallon bucket into a tool organizer and set, along with a better handle for it. Not too bad! 

We got some goodies to start stocking our little kitchen! Austin got me a salsa bowl and spoon to match our kitchen. I got him 6 spice holders that can magnet right onto the wall! And since I can hardly function without caffeine, we now have a beautiful Keurig to add to our mix. I guess now is the time for us to start rocking and rolling on building our kitchen. As soon as hunting season is over, you bet I’ll be itching to add that on. 🙂 

I am lucky that I have a sister-in-law who is a graphic designer with access to making vinyl! I can’t wait to cash in our gift certificate to get Betty’s vinyl work done. Here is the design that Carla has made for Betty 🙂 

I think one of the best #BettyTheBus gifts was the ones we gave each other. We had no idea that we were on the same wavelength here… I got Austin a small canvas print of us and the bus while he got a cute bus picture frame for the same picture of us. What can I say? Great minds think alike. 

Since it is December 27th, I’d like to wish my sweet husband a Happy 2nd Anniversary to us! Life with you  is certainly an adventure and I’m glad we brought #BettyTheBus into the mix. I love you 🙂

Merry belated Christmas friends, 



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