Travel Tuesday- Lazy L and L [River Trip]

Traveling is so much fun when traveling with friends. This is the second year Austin and I have floated with a group of people we volunteer with. They made the trip so fun, so read on! 

Lazy L & L Campground

River Road- New Braunfels, Texas
The Camping

This campground has it all! Camping spots, full hook up RV spots, etc. They also have a general store, food truck, and a pavilion with a bar and live music.

Austin and I always camp on the riverfront and we highly recommend it! It was crazy seeing Betty as we floated down the river.

Isn’t Betty cute from the river?


The number one thing to do here is TUBE!! This was the whole purpose of this trip and it couldn’t have been better. With this campground you can rent tubes, cooler tubes, or a river radio. When you pay for the tube, it includes a ride back from the other side of the river. Pretty standard practice. I brought my own tube, but Austin rented one and a cooler. The cooler tube covered my ride back! If you bring your own tube you do have to buy a ride back.

My hubby rocked a sparkly hat on the river… We shall call him “Sparkles”

There is a pavilion that plays music has a bar for the weekends. Austin and I are always too tired to go, but everyone who went loved it.

Meal Tips & Tricks

Since we came with a group our meals were luckily covered, but I will share some fun tips!

My mom flips some pretty good burgers.

Grilled Biscuits- That’s right, you can grill biscuits! We used the pop can biscuits, flaky worked best. Just throw on a pan and grease the biscuits and cover. We flipped them so they browned both sides. We smothered with sausage gravy and were ready to float the river!

Breakfast of champions! Grilled biscuits and sausage gravy

River Sandwiches- SKIP THE SANDWICH BREAD! After a day floating the river the regular bread gets gummy and does a poor job soaking up the booze you drank that day. I always pack a sandwich on a pretzel roll and luckily my H-E-B has green chili and cheese or bacon and cheese topped pretzel rolls. They hold up really well in the cooler and are super satisfying on the river. We fill with deli meats and cheeses… They also do an excellent job of holding up. I individually bag the sandwiches so everyone gets what they want.

River sandwich bread!

Beverages- Real talk… It would taken an entire other post to share the different “beverages” I made for this occasion. Stay tuned another time friends.

Local Attractions

On this trip we stayed at the campground and river, but I’ve been to the part of Texas a few times to know where you need to go!
There are plenty of wineries to hit up if you love wine. The frozen sangria at Dry Comal is amazing and the blueberry wine at Winery on the Gruene.
Gruene is always a good call. They have the oldest dancehall in Texas, cute shops, and good food! The Gristmill is a great stop as well! Real talk, now I am jonesing for a trip to Gruene.

The drive down River Road is beautiful

Final Thoughts

This was such a great trip with wonderful friends. Betty got to meet a lot of new people and we had an awesome time! Thank you so much to Diana D. for setting up this trip… It was the perfect, relaxing trip. You and I your cavalry family rock! Can’t wait to hit the river again next year!

Awesome shirt from Lazy L&L and river trip bandanna! 

Thanks for following the adventure,



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