Nightstand- The adventure of the bottom half [Ashley]

Once upon time I took a buildings class in college. This coupled with the many projects my dad worked on with me and the countless hours I’ve spent on Pinterest, I really wanted to make a solid effort on refurbishing the nightstands we are using for Betty. 

During one of Austin’s trips to ReStore (an awesome place that sells building supplies and the profits support the NW Houston Habitat for Humanity) he found a set of cabinets that he wanted to used for the nightstands. They needed some TLC and after some time chilling in our garage, I found the inspiration to refurb them. 
I brought them inside to get a feel for what I was working with. I got the feeling that they used to be a part of a kitchen or bathroom with lighting underneath. I removed the lights, the wood underneath that held the light, and spent a good amount of time trying to remove random nails that used to hold the cabinets in place. Basically I just made a lot of noise and created a box of trash. I then used a magic eraser to get some of the old grime off. 

At this point I called in my dad with his sander to help get things sanded down for paint. There was plenty of wood putty used to build up some broken spots and sanding to get things pretty. 

Once they were good to go, I primed them to get them ready for paint. I’m notoriously bad with paint, so I may of made a little mess in the cleanup process. Dang you primer! 

I then painted these bad boys a plain white so we could give it a nice pop with drawer pulls and a cool tabletop. The final parts of this project are in the next post! 



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