Hunting Season Ready [Ashley]

The whole purpose of #BettyTheBus was to have a place to stay at the Smith property, mainly during hunting season. Since our main need was a place to sleep and a place to do our business, that outlined our first major goals for the bus conversion. 

As October came and went, Austin spent a lot of time rocking and rolling on the bus. This included many Amazon purchases, countless trips to the hardware store, and a lot of quality time with Betty.
In the past few weeks this is what Austin has accomplished:

  • Installed a hot water heater
  • Built the bed frame
  • Procured a free mattress and cut it to size
  • Installed most of a shower
  • Put in a toilet 
  • Ran a good amount of plumbing 
  • Got new tired for Betty
  • Drove Betty 300 miles west and parked her for hunting season

Things I have done:

  • Moral support for my wonderful husband 
  • Cleaned and organized Betty for her move west.
  • Started working on the “extras” to start styling Betty. I’ll share those later. 

Here are some of our adventures…

This is it a little peek into the build side of things. Here is #BettyTheBus in her home for the next few months:

More updates soon!

– Ashley 


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