Do we need this for #BettyTheBus? [Ashley]


Do we need this for #BettyTheBus? 
This is the question I ask… A lot. What will Betty be when she is all put together? Besides a place to sleep or ride, she is a home in her own right. I want her personality to reflect Austin and me. And the Blue Bird that has so graciously come into our lives. 
This weekend I went to Hobby Lobby (three) times. The first trip was for fabric, but I didn’t think to bring my comforter sham to match with. So I wandered around and found myself asking this question a lot…. Do we need this? Here are a few of the gems who caught my eye enough to take pictures of. Real talk I need all the Hobby Lobby gift cards these days… My birthday is October 3rd ;p

For my second trip to Hobby Lobby, I had two special guests. Carla and little miss Avery! Which is great because I needed another set of eyes to make the hard call on fabric choices. And we obviously needed to see what holiday decoration the bean looked best in… And find which random checkout toys were her favorite. 

As for the fabric, we landed on a choice I never would have seen coming. The colors meld well with our comforter and will add a dash of retro to our old school bus. Even better, this pattern mimics a stencil design I was interested in! This fabric will be used to upholster the cushions for our dining area. The stencil will be used on the table part of the dining area. 

Here is a collage showing the fabric we chose, the stencil I like, the method we will use for staining and the comforter sham as a point of reference. 

Now, I did make three trips to the Hob Lob… And that’s because I just wanted to DO SOMETHING CRAFTY! Holiday weekends do that. So I grabbed that paper mount and some fabric and got to work. Here is my set up and final product! Since this little project starting out as a camping cabin, why not have our own custom mount?  

Thank you for following our adventure. See you soon! 


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