A weekend of Betty Fun [Austin]

A note from Ashley- I’ve had all the fun trying to get Austin to blog for y’all to read. Lo and behold he’s been updating his friends on skoolie.net. So now we have it, a wonderful update on his progress of the bus to share! 

On Thursday I went to the RV store and Lowe’s to pick up some goodies. I got a 30A cord, an adapter so I could plug into the 20A circuit I’ll be plugged in to this winter. I also got a plastic cable feed through and a city water connection. I priced the Dometic 310, but amazon had it cheaper with free shipping. They wouldn’t price match. They didn’t have any hot water heaters or electrical boxes in stock either. After the RV store I went to Lowe’s and picked up a small household circuit breaker box. I decided that’d be easier for now and I don’t have to worry about the converter/battery/fuses yet. I decided to go with 12 gauge wire on all the 120V, so I bought 100′ of that. The box came with three 20A breakers. I picked up another few 15A breakers. I also picked up a GFCI socket and an outdoor socket for my GFCI circuit I’ll run in the bathroom/kitchen/outside. 

Friday I went to the ReStore and found some pretty awesome stuff. I picked up two sets of drawers that’ll be perfect for bedside tables. I also picked up some boards that’ll make some good drawers for under the dining area. There were some drawers that looked like they’d go well under the bed, so I picked them up too. ReStore is nice. I should buy more stuff there. They’ve got a shower pan that may fit well. I’ll probably get a bathroom sink there too. I’m not sure if I should buy the electrical stuff new, but they’ve got a lot of 15A outlets for cheap. 

Friday night my father-in-law came over and we started working on getting the air conditioner hole cut. We borrowed the forklift from our storage unit and he hoisted me on to the roof to draw the outline of the 14.25″ +/- 0.125″ square opening. We decided that it’s probably better to put it in the front of the bus and use a fan to push the air to the back of the bus if we need to. I might get a portable A/C for the bedroom if that isn’t enough. Friday night we were able to drill the corners out of the hole before it got dark. We decided to save the rest of the hole for saturday. 

On Saturday we stopped off and bought some acetone and aluminum tape before heading over to the bus. My father-in-law had some 2” steel square tubing that he brought to put between the roof and ceiling to keep the A/C from deforming it. We cut the rest of the hole out. One of us was underneath with a piece of wood applying pressure to keep things steady while the other cut it with the sawsall. We cut down the square tubing so it’d fit between the roof and ceiling then we riveted them into place. We ran the wiring between the ceiling and roof to the nearest window. I’ll run the wire down a channel between the windows. We left enough slack that it’ll reach just about anywhere in the bus. I’m not too sure where I’ll be putting the electrical box yet. Around that time my wife showed up and we started taping the opening with aluminum tape. I’m glad I bought 100’ because we used a lot of tape. Me and my wife set the A/C on the roof and with a little bit of dimensional readjustment to the opening with a hammer it fit perfectly. We attached the bottom part of the air conditioner so the gasket would seal then decided to call it a day. We’ll have to wire it up and install the plastic control panel later. 

I guess now I’ve got to get the toilet ordered. I’ll build the bed soonish. My sister may come help with that next week. I’ll have to start doing the rough plumbing and electrical too. I’m not sure where I’m gonna put the electrical box. I’ll have to figure that out soon.

Here are so fun action shots of AC bus work being done. 

 More bus work and obviously a selfie on the roof 🙂


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