My Big Purchases [Ashley]

After a lot of searching online and conversations about bus blueprints, I hit the point on Saturday that I just wanted to buy things. I wanted my thoughts and ideas to have something tangible to work with. On the north side of Houston we have a row of stores that has a World Market and Bed, Bath, and Beyond right next to each other… This was the best place to get a started. 

I’ve always admired World Market’s furniture, but I’ve never purchased a piece from them. I went there first to see if I could get my chair fix. After floating around from chair to chair I wandered up front. Lo and behold, there it was. A low chair that would fit on our precarious little platform. Comfy enough for trips, but modern and colorful. And the chair that stuck out was orange! Or saffron, as World Market calls it. And best of all… It was on sale. 

 But before I could settle on a chair, I needed to make sure I had a comforter that would match and lend itself to more design options. At the next door over I found myself in the middle of the bedding section. After checking out some of the bedding I had my eye on online… I saw it. The perfect bedding that was bright with teal, green, gray, tan…. And orange! In a pattern that was a little Moroccan and complimented with a simple light teal pattern on the back side. I was in love. 

 As I stepped out of the store I had to make two phone calls. One to the hubs to make sure I could spend some money on Betty (yes) and one to my mom to see if I could steal some of her coupons for Triple B (yes). After grabbing the coupons and signing up for the World Market Explorer discount, I saved a good chunk of change. I saved about $150 between on sale products, coupons, and discounts. 

As the final leg of these decisions, I actually went ahead and put together my chair. I wanted to see this little gem in its glory to get motivated. One big thing about putting this chair together… IT WAS EASY!! I might be in love with how easy it was. You go World Market, I’m glad you didn’t make me doubt my college degree with complicated directions. 

Here is our completed chair. Complimented by the fleece throw I completed on a whim and the sham from the comforter set to show the patterns it features. Life is good for Betty. 

Here was my Sunday setup… Working on the throw blanket and finally watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. You go Netflix! 

As I sign off, I want to make a shout out to my two past students that I saw at these two stores. They were professional and so grown-up, that’s a cool feeling. 


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