The Evolution of a Design [Austin & Ashley]

As our project gets closer to the build phase of things, the design is ever changing. My ideas and Austin’s blueprints for this project have constantly changed, and today you get to see the evolution. I don’t think we have a final plan, and when we unveil that plan… It’ll probably be when the bus is built and done. 

I first got the idea to get a bus because I wanted a bed. Yes, we have a bed at home; but whenever we stay at the ranch with the whole family we are regaled to the floor on mattresses. It’s fun in a camp out sense, but a little lacking in the privacy sense. And two labs with hyperactive tails in a house with 6-7 people gets a little loud. 🙂 

So, one of my brilliant plans was to get a bus and throw a bed in it… Ta-Da! Insta-room with plenty of opportunities to make cute. Such humble beginnings for a project that would ultimately get its own hashtag and (tiny) following. 

As I approached this idea with Austin, it began to grow. His needs for this little project included a toilet and a shower. And he wanted it to be able to move. Believe it or not, this idea of mine never included mobility. I was hoping to park and stay, but now this project all the sudden included miles and a strong sense of RV.

With those criteria in mind, we set forth to make the decision on what type of bus we wanted. Originally we wanted a really short bus, but the plans began to grow. We started talking in terms of “windows,” for our bus. A normal full school bus is 12 windows and we were looking at 5-6 window buses. As our plan grew, our number of windows followed suite. We landed on wanting 8-ish windows… Betty has 9. She’s a pretty good fit for our needs. 

As far as our design… Here is the evolution of where we started and the little changed we have made along the way. 


Here is our first design that includes a bathroom. You’ll notice that the bed is centered in the back and there isn’t much else. Look at all that free space! So much room for activities. 🙂 


This design includes a moved, more detailed bathroom, a small kitchen, and a chair for me to sit in during travel! It also shows access to our side door. Or Austin having fun with his design program. You’ll also notice that the bed has been flipped. 


 This design is getting a little fancier. Detailed information, a bigger kitchen, and a dining area! This area also would be able to turn into a twin bed like a regular RV. Affectionately known as Sam’s bed. Also has a book case for me! 

  Here we have our most recent design option for #BettyTheBus. A larger kitchen, a simplified seating space for me, an RV sized queen bed, and solid measurements all around. This isn’t our final call on the design, but I’d hazard to say it will be pretty close to this! 

So there you have it… The evolution of our design so far. Know that for every design you see here, there are more in the background. Austin sent me 9 different design and those are just the ones he still had. This is what happens when you give an engineer a bus.  


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