A girl and a bus [Ashley]

For the past couple weeks Austin has dedicated time and effort into gutting Betty… In a good way. We need to have her to her bare bones before we start building her into an RV. There are a million details in this, but we will save that for Austin to share. 

Today my worries are far from scrapping glue off the floor and patching rust spots… I JUST WANT TO MAKE HER PRETTY!! There are a lot of big and little decisions to be made, but I have to take the plunge and make one or two so the rest can fall into place. 

Take a look at what my mind has been drawn too…

Here are 4 pieces I found in my Triple B catalog. Mostly back to school designs, but I’m loving the teal/turquoise. 

These are the original finds I fell in love with for bedding. Target has such a pretty selection of colors. 

I am ADAMANT that I will be doing a paint/stain combo for the kitchen table and possible cabinets or counter tops. With this I need to paint a pattern on the table before I stain it. Here are the finalists. 

This blog is a little hidden gem on the Internet for two reasons… 

  1. I haven’t dedicated a lot of time to posting pictures or writing fancy things.
  2. That is mostly impacted by the fact that #BettyTheBus isn’t official. She doesn’t have a logo or a font. If we are going public, I want to do it right. 

As you can see, I did a bit of perusing on DaFont.com to find the perfect font. We may finally be getting there. 
So while Betty is almost to her blank slate, I am sitting here trying to form her personality. Life is tough as a bus. 

Much Love,



One thought on “A girl and a bus [Ashley]

  1. I love the paint/stain table idea!! I have only seen the paisley design, but I’m sure any of them would be gorgeous!! Can not wait to see it!!


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